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Established for over 40 years

  • 1976: Ron Perry Junior loaned £300 from his parents to buy a Jaguar 340 (of the type featured in the Inspector Morse television programme). A customer in the petrol station saw it on site and made an enquiry about whether Ron would be interested in selling it. Ron was reluctant to sell so the customer offered a swap exchange deal of a Ford Transit van with a trailer and a stock car for the Jaguar. After a few months of racing the stock car on the local circuit, a customer from Ron Perry Senior’s workshops broke down and Ron Perry Junior recovered the vehicle using the Transit and trailer. The stock car was subsequently sold for £300 and Ron Perry & Son Breakdown and Recovery was born
  • 1977: Dart Oil Co. a subsidiary of Esso invested in the sites and as a clause of their agreement took control of the running of the sites. Ron Perry Junior started a recovery company and ran the administration for it upstairs on the Northbound site
  • 1978: Management of Petrol stations transferred to Ronald Charles Perry Senior and ran under a licensee agreement with Esso
  • 1983: Ron Perry Junior assumed sole management of the petrol stations under the existing licensee agreement with Esso
  • 1984+ Ron Perry's Recovery & Breakdown service volume increased turnover of fuel on the sites
  • 1986: To keep up with technological advances the old style manual tills on both sites were updated to link the pumps via computer to the tills under the Microlec / Edicom system.
  • 1989: Northbound site was refitted with modern pumps and a complete renovation of the interior shop floor as well as further modernisation of the tills. The business continued to run out of a temporary facility on site whilst building work was carried out.
  • 1990: Ron Perry purchased Stotfold Crest Farm to the rear of the Southbound site from George Howe with planning permission refused on appeal.
  • 1991: Planning permission was granted for site of mobile caravan and riding and livery stables with a view to construct a domicile on the premises dependant on the success of the Riding & Livery business.
  • 1992: Domicile approved by Hartlepool local council and construction work begins on house at Stotfold Crest.
  • 1993: House at Stotfold Crest completed.
  • 1996: Ron Perry Jnr purchased Test & Tune from George Howe. As part of his plans to extend the nearby Test & Tune, administration offices for the Service Stations as well as the North-side workshops and the breakdown company were re-located from their location on the Northbound site to the purpose-built Test & Tune expansion facility.
  • 1997: After lengthy negotiations Ron Perry Jnr purchased North & South petrol stations from G. Howe and Esso were served a schedule of dilapidations regarding the sites on behalf of Mr. Howe. After persuading them this was the right move forward for the sites the purchase price (even with a sitting tenant) was agreed at full market value. Esso wanted a fee to relinquish the lease. Funding was agreed half from Fina's credit terms of 31 days (HSBC Bank advanced this amount on a short-term loan) and the other half was owed to G. Howe at 10% Interest until the year 2000.
    Fina replace Esso as fuel supplier and the Southbound small shop site expanded to incorporate more floor and confectionery space plus indoor toilet.
  • 1998: Due to increased HGV volume Southbound site had its canopy raised from 3.8 metres to 4.8.
  • 1999: Stotfold Crest Indoor Riding School constructed to ½ size Olympic specifications.
  • 2000: As a result of Total's acquisition of Fina in the take-over that amalgamated Fina and Elf into the Total company, both Service Stations changed their colours and H-signs into Total colours as a result with Total as Fuel supplier.
    Also, Mr. Perry submitted planning permission to construct a café on the Northbound site.
  • 2001: 3 new Diesel pumps and Diesel lanes were constructed on the Northbound site to further facilitate increased HGV activity as well as an LPG gas-pump being installed.
    Also planning permission to renovate disused workshops of Northbound site into a Café was granted.
    Stotfold Crest Indoor Riding School extended to full size Olympic specifications. Anne-Marie Perry wins the National Dressage Elementary at the age of 14.
  • 2002: Café – A19 opens on the Northbound site.
    Anne-Marie Perry wins the National Dressage Medium at the age of 15.
  • 2003: Planning permission granted to convert A19 Northbound Flat into motel facility with a 10 standard Bedroom and 1 Disabled Bedroom capacity.
  • 2004: OK Diners sign a lease for a fast food facility on the Southbound site. This is the first step towards acquiring motels on the site. Diesel Lanes behind A19 South to be installed with concrete road access to be created.
    Anne-Marie Perry represents Great Britain professionally for the first of many times at the Junior Dressage Europeans.
  • 2005: Phase 1 of Southbound redevelopment completed – New Diesel Lanes Constructed.
  • 2005: Plans submitted for Phase 2 of Southbound redevelopment - replace existing antiquated shop with a new purpose-built 21m x 12m two-story facility comprising large shop, café, toilets, shower facilities and offices.
  • 2006: Construction on Phase 2 begins.
    Plans submitted for motels and restaurants on North and Southbound sites.
  • 2007: Phase 2 of Southbound redevelopment completed (New Shop & Diesel Lanes – Sept 07).
    Plans submitted to expand Riding & Livery facilities also submitted.
    Planning application for additional restaurant / takeaway facility on southbound and marketing.
  • 2008: Increase Anne-Marie Perry's sponsorship and purchase an advanced horse in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics
  • 2008: Motel and Restaurant plans confirmed and marketed.
    Planning Application for a Subway© Sandwiches facility on North and Southbound.
  • 2008: 28/07/08: Change branding and fuel supplier from Total to BP. Service Station now accept the BP Bunkering card as well as providing Nectar Points to customers.
  • 2009: Construction commences on infrastructure for Motel sites with additional restaurant facility on North and Southbound.
  • 2011: Modernise Breakdown fleet in Test & Tune with more fuel efficient vans as opposed to the old-fashioned "Beaver-Tail" trucks.
  • 2012: Solar panels installed on South, North and Test & Tune for feed in tariff for green electricity to the site.
  • 2013: Northbound shop expansion and redevelopment complete. Costa coffee now sold at both sites.
  • 2014: Renewed contract with BP for the petrol stations. Refresh brand appearance with a fresh paint of coat for the pumps and updates to the service station brand image.
  • 2015: Due to the benefits of green energy provided by the solar panels installed in 2012, green Biomass heating energy for the site is being explored.
  • 2015/16: Extend Indoor riding school to incorporate stables and a viewing gallery.
  • 2016: Extend A19 Test & Tune to incorporate purchase of a bodyshop business to complement existing Breakdown and Recovery facilities.
  • 2016; Proposed start date for construction to begin on Motel sites.

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